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LA LED Lighting

Small (Compact) Dimmable LED Driver (Dimmable LED Transformer), 12V, 60W

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LA LED has the most compact (3.31x1.57x0.98 inch (L*W*H)) UL-certified dimmable transformers (LED Driver) compatible with Triac/ ELV/ MLV dimming. Suitable for dry and damp locations and fits in a 4" Junction box. AC input 100-130Vac and 88% efficiency with short circuit protection.

Input: 100-130 V AC, 0.7A, 50/60Hz
Output: 12V DC, 5A, 60W, PF>0.9

Transformer Dimensions: 3.31x1.57x0.98 inches (L*W*H)


Dimming: Triac/ ELV/ MLV dimming

Dimming 0-100%

UL-RC,Class 2,Type HL 

Damp and dry location

100-130Vac input

Build in active PFC, typical power factor=0.94

THD<20%@120V Max. load

Constant voltage type

Small size: 3.31x1.57x0.98 inch (L*W*H)

Super low loading request works perfect at 20-100% load.

Short-circuit, over-load protection.

3 years warranty

Compatible with popular dimmers in the market, Lutron-CL, Diva series




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